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Open Insulin Online Summer Internship for High School and Undergraduate Students

The Open Insulin Project is working to create an open-source model for distributed and decentralized insulin manufacturing.  For over four years, team members have volunteered to make this idea a reality, bringing attention to the outrageous and unaffordable price of insulin. Our work has garnered widespread attention, and we have

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Coronavirus lessons on medical supply chain resiliency

We face a key problem in responding to the coronavirus epidemic: a lack of resources needed to carry out testing. One of the main problems with existing manufacturing systems is that the infrastructure is inflexible. Medicines, supplies, and scientific equipment needed to respond to an outbreak like that of the

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How much will it cost to install and run a small scale insulin production system?

Recently, we published a blog that addressed the question of how many people with diabetes would a  small-scale system could serve. Through our calculation, we estimated that a small-scale production system could serve an expected total of 13,000 people with diabetes; the estimates range from 4,000 to 45,

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How many diabetics could be served by a small-scale insulin production system?

Input is welcome! Let’s crowdsource this! Open Insulin has proposed small-scale, localized production of insulin as a way to address large-scale, centralized manufacturing that contributes to oligopolic control over insulin production and access. We get asked how many people this type of small-scale system could serve. This post is

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New Frontiers for the New Year

The time has long been overdue to wish you all well and share the progress we've been making, and the occasion of welcoming the new year is the perfect time to do so. In the past year, our team in the lab, led by Yann, has made tremendous progress, engineering

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