Community lab in Baltimore aims to put science in the people’s hands (Baltimore Sun, 06 July 2020)

Boricua es parte de una iniciativa para descentralizar la producción de insulina (El Nuevo Dia, 06 June 2020)

The Rogue Experimenters (New Yorker, 25 May 2020)

The Community Labs Built on Silicon Valley’s Junk
Trash from biotech startups are citizen scientists’ treasure
(Medium One Zero, 15 March 2020)

Insulin access a challenge for governments, diabetics (News-Decoder, 09 January 2020)

The Price of Insulin Has Soared. These Biohackers Have a Plan to Fix It
(Time, 24 October 2019)

Bio Hackers versus Big Pharma: Tackling the Rising Cost of Insulin (Making Contact, 10 September 2019)

Biohackers With Diabetes Are Making Their Own Insulin (Medium, 30 May 2019)

Insulin has become so expensive that this diabetic is trying to make his own (CNBC, 26 January 2019)

The Open Insulin Project: A Case Study for ‘Biohacked’ Medicines (Cell Trends in Biotechnology, 13 September 2018)

Insulin Quest: When Lifesaving Drugs Are Out of Reach (Wall Street Journal, 03 December 2018)

Biohackers jagen op ‘insuline voor iedereen’ (De Standaard, 02 November 2018)

‘Open Insulin’ Could Change the Future of Diabetes Treatment — But Is It Safe? (Healthline, 04 November 2018)

Open insulin, 'DIY bio' and the future of pharma (, 13 September 2018)

In the Face of High Costs, DIYers Hope to Brew Their Own Insulin (Discover Magazine / The Conversation, 13 September 2018)

Open Insulin, battle of the DIY diabetic (Makery, 24 April 2018)

Counter Culture Labs, cradle of Bay Area biohacking (Makery, 20 March 2018)

Rise of the Biocitizen (Wilson Center Report, 06 February 2018)

Interview with Alex Kelley of Open Insulin Sydney (Diffusion Science Radio, 10 January 2018)

Renegades Join Forces for Affordable Insulin (Neo.Life, 09 November 2017)

Asheville FM Interview with Andrew Rainey (, 14 August 2017)

How Biohackers at Counter Culture Labs Are Trying to Make Insulin More Affordable (Shareable, 17 July 2017)

The Promise of Generic Insulin (A Sweet Life, 07 June 2017)

Juicebox Podcast interview with Anthony Di Franco (Juicebox Podcast, 07 September 2016)

A Do-It-Yourself Revolution in Diabetes Care (New York Times, 22 February 2016)

Oakland biohackers beat funding goal for open source insulin protocol (Oakland North, 18 December 2015)

Open Insulin Project Could Help Save Thousands Of Lives And Billions Of Dollars (Techdirt, 30 November 2015)

After 92 Years, Biohackers Want to Finally Make Cheap and Generic Insulin (Vice Magazine, 19 November 2015)

Crowdfund deze biohackers voor betaalbare medicijnen (Geekly, 19 November 2015)

Biohackers look to produce affordable generic insulin (International Business Times, 19 November 2015)

Biohackers push life to the limits with DIY biology (The Guardian, 18 November 2015)

These Biohackers Are Creating Open-Source Insulin (Popular Science, 18 November 2015)

Biohackers Aim To Make Homebrew Insulin, But Don't Try It Yet (NPR, 15 July 2015)

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Fighting back: Round table discussing tactics to get affordable insulin the US

The panel will be a discussion between groups that are taking different approaches to tackle insulin affordability. They will share about the work they're doing, discuss ways to support each other, and share organizing tactics as well as challenges they've come across. Sunday, October 18th, Noon Pacific time on Zoom.

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A case for open-source diabetes testing supplies

The market for unused test strips - bought from those with insurance and on-sold to those without. Photo credit Devin Chalmers, East Oakland 2020Imagine your drinking water supply was safe some days, and highly contaminated on others. The only way to know—and respond by either treating it or not—

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