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We're a team of biohackers who believe that insulin should be freely available to anybody who needs it. Our team is developing the first open-source organisms for insulin production that will be practical for small-scale, locally-based groups to use. We're also working on open-source hardware for protein production and purification. Additionally, we're researching how to get our technology produced using community-led production.

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Million people

There are currently 387 million people worldwide living with diabetes.

Insulin price increase from 2012-2016

The few suppliers of insulin have been raising prices in near-synchrony for decades.

7.6millionHospitalizations in 2016

These price increases lead to long-term health and consequences and deaths.

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How Do I Participate?

People bring their enthusiasm, time, connections, and experiences. Our volunteers promote us on social media, build equipment, run experiments, write reports and blogs, facilitate meetings, connect with other organizations and groups, meet with experts in the field, design, and run virtual events.

Attend the info session with the Open Insulin Foundation Team every last Sunday of the month to get involved! Sign up using the button below.

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Potential Partners

We welcome collaborations with institutions, government agencies, and NGOs. Let's chat about potential partnerships.

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Your donation will help us get closer to our goal. With a healthy financial situation, we can pay for lab supplies, acquire lab equipment, recruit scientists, and pay for consultation fees for regulation and manufacturing experts.

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What People Have To Say About OIF

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Anthony D. - Open Insulin Founder

"The usual sources on insulin have failed many people with diabetes and left them to die. [...] We are taking over the stewardship of the medicine our lives depend on."

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Alex H. - Open Insulin Member

"Paying ANY sum for insulin feels like an insult... We're already dealing with so much."

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