Open Insulin Foundation

We’re a team of biohackers with a variety of backgrounds, and skills, and relationships to insulin and diabetes, from many cities and countries around the world, including Oakland, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Paraiba, Brazil; Paris, France; Dakar, Senegal; Yaounde, Cameroon; and Puerto Rico. We’re working to develop the first practical, small-scale, community-centered model for insulin production to make insulin accessible to all. This model will ensure communities in need have local sources of safe, affordable, high-quality insulin, and that people living with diabetes and their communities own and govern the organizations that produce the medicine they depend on to survive.
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  • 387

    Million people
    There are currently 387 million people worldwide
    living with diabetes.
  • 2X

    Insulin price increase from 2012-2016
    The few suppliers of insulin have been raising prices in near-synchrony for decades.
  • 7.6million

    Hospitalizations in 2016
    These price increases lead to long-term health and consequences and deaths.

What People Have To Say About OIF

  • Anthony D.
    Open Insulin Founder and Type 1 Diabetic
    The usual sources on insulin have failed many people with diabetes and left them to die. [...] We are taking over the stewardship of the medicine our lives depend on.
  • Alex H.
    Open Insulin Member and Type 1 Diabetic
    Paying ANY sum for insulin feels like an insult... We're already dealing with so much.