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How to get involved?

Open Insulin is always looking for new volunteers!

How to get started? Join us for own on our monthly New Member Info Session every last Sunday of the month at 10:30 AM.

Next New member meeting: Sunday, July 26th - 10:30 AM PT
Register via Zoom here

If you have an idea how you can help, you can directly stop by one of our working group meeting on Jitsi (https://meet.jit.si/OpenInsulin):
Thursday 6 PM - Business (working on CRM, project management)
Sunday 11:30 AM - Hardware  (electronic)
Sunday 1:00 PM - Science wet lab (molecular biology & biochemistry) - experiments are done at Oakland, CA, Santa Clara, CA or Baltimore, MD

JOIN THE TEAM: Every last Sunday 10:30 AM PT - Zoom ID 820 128495

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Fighting back: Round table discussing tactics to get affordable insulin the US

The panel will be a discussion between groups that are taking different approaches to tackle insulin affordability. They will share about the work they're doing, discuss ways to support each other, and share organizing tactics as well as challenges they've come across. Sunday, October 18th, Noon Pacific time on Zoom.

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A case for open-source diabetes testing supplies

The market for unused test strips - bought from those with insurance and on-sold to those without. Photo credit Devin Chalmers, East Oakland 2020Imagine your drinking water supply was safe some days, and highly contaminated on others. The only way to know—and respond by either treating it or not—

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