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2021 Internship Program

Apply now to the 2021 Open Insulin Summer Internship for High School and Undergraduate Students!

To help grow the project and give opportunities to those interested in learning about our work and volunteering in the future, the team is launching a second summer internship program.

The internship will involve all of the core work areas of the Open Insulin Foundation from wet lab work to business, and will have global participation. It will run for nine weeks, and interns are expected to work for approximately six hours a week and attend Open Insulin general meetings (Sundays at noon PST).  The first week of the internship will be 6/13/2021 and the final week will be 8/8/2021.

This is a volunteer position with the Open Insulin Foundation, a US-based nonprofit. Participants will gain experience in a key area of making and bringing insulin to market and the team will be happy to provide references for those who successfully complete the program.

Applications will be open through May 15th. Decisions will be announced after June 1st.

Application form: https://forms.gle/T8gKceUTkD7LgTrn9

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