Meet the team

Contact us at openinsulin at gmail com.

Some of the current members

Anthony Di Franco

Anthony Di Franco I've had type I diabetes since my early 20s, and have been interested in widely sharing the fruits of science and technology even longer. I am a board member of Counter Culture Labs, where I work on making open insulin a reality. Outside the lab, I work at the intersections of complex adaptive systems, economics, and computing.

Patrik D'haeseleer

Patrik D'haeseleer Patrik D'haeseleer is a bioinformatician by day, mad scientist by night. He is a cofounder of Counter Culture Labs, and community projects coordinator at BioCurious, none of which are in any way related to or funded by his day job at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Noel Carrascal

Noel leads our computational efforts and is also running a marathon (!) to raise funds for the project.

David Anderson

David Anderson I am a Biohacker enthusiast that has obtained a Certificate of Achievement at Berkeley City College in the Spring of 2012, contributed at the Maker Faire with Biocurious, and created an Android app to translate codons to their amino acids.

Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez I am a biohacker from the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a Board Member at BioCurious, I have organized events, classes and community projects for the past 4 years. I am also a Board Member of Real Vegan Cheese, an open source project to create a synthetic cheese from genetically modified yeast. I have recently become an adviser to the Latin American Network of Biohacker Spaces. I have been a leader on two iGEM teams in 2014 and 2015 and am a member of multiple community lab science projects.

My ambition is to continue to push open source science and for the creation of more biohacking spaces, democratizing science globally. The Open Insulin Project is important to me because it stretches the boundaries of a biohacking project and is useful to aid in diabetes research.


Josiah Zayner

Josiah Zayner Trying to make BioHacking reagents and supplies more accessible through The ODIN

Yilan Shi

Yilan Shi Former Scientific Lead for Open Insulin

Tania Chakrabarty

Tania Chakrabarty Curiousity driven PhD scientist, system integrator and innovation enabler. Enjoys working to develop simple solutions to complex problems particularly those that lie at the interface of physics and biology.

Catherine Soneda

Catherine Soneda Excited to be a part of the grassroots biotech movement

Ryan Bethencourt

Ryan Bethencourt I'm passionate about STEM and how we can build the future together! I've helped to co-found 4 biolabs within the last 3 years (Counter Culture Labs, Berkeley Biolabs, IndieBio and LAbLaunch) and looking forward to spreading the tools of biotechnology to everyone.

I'm also the Program Director for IndieBio, which is an early stage biotech accelerator, we help fund and build biotech's with passionate founders. If you want to build biotech, we'd love to invite you to apply

Jaime Sotomayor

Jaime Sotomayor CEO & Co-Founder of Arcturus BioCloud. System engineer, a serial entrepreneur, has been two times startup CEO. A former university professor at the Business and Engineering School, Universidad de Lima. Singularity University alumni (GSP14). Recipient of MIT Innovators Under 35 Awards (Peru).

Andrés Ochoa (aka Don)

Andrés Ochoa Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Scientist and Biohacker
"When you feel that you should have been born in the future, the only option is to build the future, so you can finally get to where you belong". 04/2014.

Founder and Director at Syntechbio (Latin American Biohacker Spaces Network, Community of +2000 science lovers)

Cofounder and Chief Science Officer at Arcturus Biocloud.

He has being working with molecular biology for more than 10 years. His current goal is to use this knowledge to create technology to build a better world. He believes that biological engineering will lead the technological advances of the next 50 years. His purpose is to create knowledge and tools that will allow biology to shift from an observational stage to a design discipline.

Maureen Muldavin

Maureen Muldavin Passionate about Genetic Engineering and BioChemistry. Eager to bring biohacking into the mainstream.

kathy buehmann

kathy buehmann biohacker and tinkerer at counter culture labs

Sasha Nealand

Sasha Nealand I'm fascinated by science and how things work, and making things. I'm an analytical chemist interested in drug discovery and design and especially in how natural product chemistry ties into this. Currently I'm a masters student in pharmaceutical chemistry through the University of Florida.

Alex Alekseyenko

Alex Alekseyenko Problem Solving Enthusiast

Tom Eberhard

Tom Eberhard Tom saw the potential of modern biology after hearing about the human genome project. He's completed the "Introduction to Biology - The secret of Life" online class taught by Eric S. Lander at MIT, and continues to learn about the field.

Tom is a software engineer with 15+ years of experience, focusing on Python, C#, and SQL. Tom is working on automating common tasks in biotech labs using his background as a software engineer, machinist, and electronics hacker.

Tom earned his dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, his MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado. He earned a full scholarship to Babson College, where he earned his MBA, Magna Cum Laudae.