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Round table - Confronting the Health Inequities of Insulin Access (or In-access)

In the age of COVID, we have seen how fragile our health systems are, who bears the heaviest burden of the crisis, and how people are coming  together to help each other through mutual aid. We discussed  parallel topics that are all too relevant for those whose lives are dependent on insulin and what the Open Insulin Project is up against to  help facilitate its access. We will continue the discussion with our panelists: Maria Chavez, executive director at BioCurious, Anthony Di-franco, cofounder of the Open Insulin Project, Ramy Kim, public health practitioner & President of Counter Culture Labs, and Jose Liquet, microbiologist..

Saturday, June 6th at noon Pacific - on Zoom (https://bit.ly/2ThqjnW)

The panel and discussion will be recorded and posted on youtube.

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You want to watch the first part of this discussion here on our youtube channel (https://bit.ly/2A5h3wi)

CONFRONTING THE HEALTH INEQUITIES OF INSULIN ACCESS: Virtual Round Table Saturday, June 6th at Noon Pacific - On Zoom (https://bit.ly/2thqjnw)

Jose Liquet is soil microbiologist with research experience in  biodegradation of explosives and bioplastics. He is passionate about  using microbes for the good of mankind and sharing the scientific  approach to everyone. He joined the Open Insulin Project a few months ago.

Ramy Kim is an Oakland-based environmental health scientist-activist, organizer, and educator who works on biohacking and science outreach for public collaboration and knowledge-sharing. She currently works on strategy with the worldwide collaborators  of Open Insulin for the equitable development of an open source insulin protocol and drug distribution, intended for the Commons.

Maria Chavez is the executive director at BioCurious, where she organized events, classes and community projects for the past 4 years. Her ambition is to continue to push open source science and for the creation of more biohacking spaces, democratizing science globally. She is a member for the Open Insulin team since the creation of the project, motivated by family members with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Anthony DiFranco is a co-founder and board member of Counter Culture Labs, a group of biohackers in Oakland, where he founded the Open Insulin project, an effort to develop open technology for insulin production at microbrewery scale and organize patient-led cooperatives to manufacture it.

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