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Those interested in volunteering should attend an onboarding meeting, which will provide an introduction to the project and how to get involved. Onboarding meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month at 10:30 AM Pacific time.

Open Hardware Project: Interview with Vadim Kimlaychuk

Open Insulin is working to make an open source protein purification system (FPLC), which is a key piece of equipment for manufacturing insulin, and one that is currently very expensive. Avery McLain spoke with Vadim Kimlaychuk, one of the lead engineers working on the FPLC project, about his work, as

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2021 Internship Program

Apply now to the 2021 Open Insulin Summer Internship for High School and Undergraduate Students! To help grow the project and give opportunities to those interested in learning about our work and volunteering in the future, the team is launching a second summer internship program. The internship will involve all

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