We're a team of Bay Area biology nerds who believe that insulin should be freely available to anybody who needs it. So, we're developing the first freely available, open protocol for insulin production. We hope our research will be the basis for generic production of this life-saving drug. Additionally, we hope our work inspires other biohackers to band together and create things nobody has ever thought of before!

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Why insulin?

There are currently 387 million people worldwide living with diabetes. Diabetics cannot survive without insulin. While most diabetics here in the U.S. have access to insulin, those in poorer communities and regions often go without insulin due to cost or bureaucracy. As a result, many go without and suffer complications including blindness, cardiovascular disease, amputations, nerve and kidney damage, and eventually death. Pharmaceutical companies patent small modifications to previous insulins while withdrawing those previous versions from the market to keep prices up. We're doing the scientific research necessary for a generic drug company to make a low-cost insulin and open up access to this crucial drug.

Project history

In December 2015, we successfully raised our initial funding of $16,656 on experiment.com. Now we're getting to work! Watch this blog for updates.

Cool, how do I participate?

If you'd like to participate, email openinsulin at gmail-com. If you're in the Bay Area, stop by our meetings Wednesday evenings at 7 PM at Counter Culture Labs in Oakland. All are welcome, and we're especially keen on recruiting experienced scientists.